Fighting environmental sanitation line, he is most eager to respect and recognition

In the morning, when people are still sleeping in bed, they began to clean up the city corner; in the evening, when people indulge in the afterglow of sunset, they are still cleaning up all the rubbis
In the morning, when people are still sleeping in bed, they began to clean up the city corner; in the evening, when people indulge in the afterglow of sunset, they are still cleaning up all the rubbish left behind. They braved the scorching sun, braved the cold, day after day, year after year, the removal of garbage, leaving behind is clean, civilized. Su Hui, one of the sanitation workers responsible for the cleaning of the Liang Jia Village area in Shijie Town, is one of them.
Su Hui was of medium build, with a high nose and a long tan in the sun, and spoke with a slight rise in the corners of his mouth, which gave him a kind and friendly feeling, and everyone called him "Hui uncle."".
be clear about the rewards and punishments
Rectification Village
Uncle Hui before Liang Jia is responsible for village sanitation work, have sanitation workers in Shui Nan Cun Sha Yao Cun. That period of time, these two villages in the town's 15 villages (community) environmental hygiene rating in the top, and Liang Jia village ranked back. "That uncle Fai is a sanitation expert, we did everything to get him up, to rectify the village." A staff member of Liang Jia village committee said with emotion.
What exactly does uncle Hui have to do to improve the environmental sanitation of every village? The reporter asked, not talkative uncle Fai finally tell the secret: work on incentive measures taken, in the team if the sanitation workers are responsible for the area clean, consciously doing cleaning work each month to give 100 yuan of wages; if often complaints, give a warning; if not correct the mistakes go-slow, is for the dismissal process. This seemingly simple reward and punishment measures, but the effect is obvious.
Since July last year, Hui uncle began to be responsible for Liang Jia Village area sanitation work, the village face a new look, the streets no longer sporadic garbage, sewage is no longer visible everywhere, "psoriasis" disappeared. Today, Liang Jia Village Environmental Sanitation ranked the forefront of the town, the village people are regarded as a treasure uncle hui.
Hui uncle, he most people want to understand and recognize the work of environmental sanitation workers, respect for the work of sanitation workers, and jointly safeguard the city's environmental hygiene.
Caught a garbage truck by himself
Uncle Hui said, sanitation workers work hard at 5 every morning to open the day's work, cleaned the round of health, has been cleaning to the morning 11 when, from 2 pm to 5 when the repetition of the work in the morning, so year after year, day in and day out. No matter in summer or winter 39, whether or It's raining and blowing hard. scorching sun, they always fight in a sweat, in the streets, in exchange for a clean.
Hui uncle said, often someone will take advantage of nobody's attention, the car's rotten vegetables, construction waste and other garbage poured down the road side, farmland side. "It certainly adds to our workload. There's a lot of trash on the clean and tidy roads. We have to clean it up at once."."
Working overtime became the standard of work for bright uncle. Once he worked until 9 in the evening before leaving his office and dragged his tired body home, just as he passed the Liang Jia village viaduct, he found a suspicious truck parked in the opposite street. With years of experience, the instinct told him that the car might steal the garbage in the dark.
As a result, Hui uncle lurking on the roadside, really not his expected, less than 5 minutes, the truck driver will be in the vehicle construction waste dumped on the road side. Seeing this, Hui Shu immediately pulled out the phone, dialed the Shijie traffic police brigade, city administration branch and other law enforcement departments telephone number. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and caught the driver who stole the garbage and punished him in accordance with the law. In the face of the more than 10 tons of construction waste falling down the road, Hui Shu threw his tired back to his head and cleaned the rubbish all night alone.
Doubling the workload of mobile vendors
Let Hui uncle headache is located in the village of Liang Jia, a real estate around the region, there are many breakfast mobile vendors, as many as 30. The rush hour for construction workers every day is the hottest time for these mobile vendors. The workers open our eyes, to hurry to choose to buy breakfast in the flow stalls, then walking and eating, the Soybean Milk cup, breakfast lunch boxes and other garbage thrown on the ground. Mobile vendors also put some sewage, residue, leftovers and other kitchen waste littering.
So, uncle Hui, they have to clean the streets again. "Every morning, there were law enforcement officers who removed the street vendors, but it didn't take long."." Hui uncle reluctantly said, every morning he focused on cleaning the area, the "breakfast peak" left behind every plastic bag, every cup of soybean milk are clean, the cleaning work to implement.
There is one thing that makes uncle Hui have a headache, that is, the past dump truck. "The dump truck on the road, often falling mud, sand and so many, not only dirty road and traffic problems." Uncle Hui said, mud and ordinary trash can is not the same, just a piece of it several pounds heavier, a road handling, sweeping down, there are thousands of pounds. "Clean up the mud is very troublesome, in addition to the clay one move, but also the use of water wash away the dirt. The handle, it is easy to cause the sewer blockage. Once blocked, we have to clear the waterways. If not dealt with in time, it is likely to cause traffic accidents. If traffic accidents, we can not escape the responsibility, so clean up in time."
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Fighting environmental sanitation line, he is most eager to respect and recognition