Sewage Treatment Works

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Green run long-term market-oriented, to carry out technical service as the core, engineering and equipment for the development strategy of the two wings, according to different requirements, combined with professional standards to carry out targeted research and development work, advanced and innovative solutions, in order to make the scheme implemented with integrity and guarantee, so the green garbage collection. Transport, sorting, compression, treatment and disposal of the formation of one-stop service, with scientific and effective, efficient service attitude, as in the past will be the cause of environmental protection professional, responsible, safe, and become the leading pioneer in the industry.
Municipal wastewater has been purified and reused, mainly as municipal water, landscape water and industrial water. The municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse project includes sewage collection system, sewage purification treatment technology and its system, water delivery and distribution system, reuse water application technology and monitoring system. The regeneration technology and the system of sewage purification is the key, sewage purification process is simple and reliable, the investment and operation cost can be borne by the change to the economic strength of the city, the effluent water quality to meet the requirement of reuse.