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Founded in 2006
With the accelerated development of city and the improvement of people's living standards, green city development to grasp the economic lifeline to the core needs of China development, in order to adapt to the trend of the times, came into being, to become the industry benchmark for enterprise environmental protection.
2011 development
Green fully develop the environmental protection industry, and gradually expand the scope of operation, integration of information platform, enhance the overall operation level of enterprises, and achieve sustainable development of enterprises.
2014 development
Green increased investment in personnel training and technological innovation, raised the level of core technology, improved the competitiveness of its own, while improving the efficiency of environmental protection, boosting the rapid development of enterprises.
Created in 2015
Green run constantly in their own on the basis of development, launched a comprehensive "nationwide" development strategy, the input of fine management in the market economy, continue to grasp the creation and Realization of the value of the enterprise, to create more miracles in the environmental protection industry.
2016 strengthened
In order to promote the sustained and healthy development, green vigorously launched enterprise structure adjustment and mechanism innovation, strengthen enterprise competitiveness comprehensively, the multi-objective coordination and unity to enable enterprises to gradually achieve economic benefits and social benefits, talent.
2018 outlook
Green will become a unique domestic environmental science and technology benchmarking enterprises, and continue to upgrade product structure, breakthroughs in environmental technology, and explore domestic and foreign markets, and join hands to look forward to the future grand blueprint.