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More than 10000 people in terms of staffing, more than 60% of management personnel undergraduate education. The company encourages employees to register for professional titles, to participate in environmental management, project management, personnel training, legal training, technical training, etc.. Green line staff posts, all staff positions related to operation qualification certificate, technical staff with relevant professional titles, through the relevant training mechanism, improve staff skills comprehensive ability, the ability of staff and the requirement for effective docking, promote the rapid development of enterprises.
Enterprise party branch
Green party give full play to the political core role of the party, in accordance with the "party building around the production, do the work of Party building and development ideas", guide enterprises to change the concept of development, innovation and development mode, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection, to explore the road of scientific development, to boost business a new leap.
Enterprise Union
The leadership in the party organization of the enterprise of the superior trade union trade union, in accordance with the laws and regulations of independent trade unions from the residence to work in close contact with the masses of workers, for the production and life of employees, enthusiasm for the masses of workers, and strive to build a sound organization, effective maintenance of rights, active work, obviously, employees trust home of workers.
University Cooperation
The construction of green increase efforts to support cooperation in Colleges and universities and key disciplines, to serve the environmental protection laboratory construction to be the focus of support, support colleges involved in major scientific and technological research and the national science and technology project application, absorb our schools to participate in the scientific research and technical renovation project, to reduce the risk of low failure research.