Comprehensive Management Services

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With the deepening of the process of city green, in order to promote economic development, protect people's health, the construction of a landscaping, greening, cleaning the beautiful living environment as a development vision, advanced into the sanitation equipment, to mature and effective management system for road sweeping and cleaning, garbage removal and other sanitation operations. Except, to further optimize the environment through road dust, rivers and other aspects of governance, improve the quality of the environment, the environmental quality of the city is conducive to the improvement of people's living standards and promote social development, realize the harmony between human and environment.
Urban environment sanitation cleaning comprehensive management services (service scope):
The road (including road divider) mechanical and manual cleaning and cleaning, cleaning, scribble zoned chaos posting dustbin, cleaning and maintenance, parks, public toilets Management (including maintenance of parks and public toilets facilities), municipal facilities management, rainwater, inspection and maintenance and management, maintenance and management of water and rivers comprehensive cleaning management and cleaning etc..